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Mistakes to avoid when creating your website |



The online industry experienced an enormous amount of growth in the past years and now there are tens or even hundreds of ways to create a website, starting from WordPress or other platforms, integrating plugins like Elementor or WooComerce into them, building a custom website using programming languages or just creating something really quick on a free sub-domain provided by WordPress, Blogger or Google Sites. These days it’s all so easy that you don’t even need to be a logo designer pro to be able to create and manage the online presence of your business.


There are two different perspectives that I want to discuss about in today’s article and we’ll get a bit into each one of them. As I said at the beginning, everything was taken to the next level in the past years and if you use the right tools you’ll be able to create really nice projects, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll never need the services of a webdesign logo company. The thing is that even if everyone has access to the most amazing tools and many of them are even free or they have a low price that the most of us can easily afford, the majority either doesn’t have enough time to learn how to properly use them to create wonderful logos and websites or they just don’t enjoy this process and would rather pay an expert to do it for them.


The other perspective of this article is referring to the old days when 99% of all the today’s tools didn’t exist or no one even thought about inventing them so we had to struggle with the few software programs that we had. Now there is a good side and a bad side of this whole story. The good one is that just a very few people knew how to do this kind of stuff, so in the big circle made of the rest of people who didn’t have a clue about how to properly create an modern minimalist business it was really easy to put a spotlight on your website if you just did something using Paint or downloaded a nice picture from Google, converted it into a transparent background and used it as a logo for your website. At the same time, I can’t deny the fact that experts also existed back then as well, who would have thought? So it means that you could make it work for your small personal blog or website, but if you were looking to get into the big league with your business, you still had to reach out to an expert to help you with some of the tasks if you were not an expert yourself. What I wanted to bring as a conclusion for this article is that, when creating your first website or business, it’s not necessarily productive to do it like a ‘’one man show’’ and handle all the tasks by yourself because you might not able able to do them all at a high level so don’t hesitate to reach out to others that can do some small tasks better than you, while you focus on the main things.

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